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May 10, 2022

A cat is 1 year old and how old is a human? ——Popular Science: Cat Growth Calend



Cats and humans, after all, are two species. When we are raising cats, we often get confused—

"Is it an adult?"

"Is it time to start a family?"

"When are you going to marry a daughter-in-law for your child?"

"I don‘t like moving more and more, are you getting old?"

Today, I will give you a popular science, the cat‘s growth cycle, will never miss the child‘s puberty in the future!


The kitten period 
(about 0~2 months) (cat) is born for 1 week - 1 month (newborn), the newly born kitten, about 100~120 grams, after that, the weight will be 10~20 grams per day The speed increases; about 5 days after birth, the umbilical cord falls off automatically. At this stage, the cat‘s claws are exposed and will not retract~

(Cat) 2 weeks of birth - 6 months (baby) The cat‘s eyes can slowly open, and every day in addition to drinking milk, pulling stinky, is to sleep.

(Cat) 3 weeks old - 9 months (baby) The cat starts to grow milk teeth, and the claws are free to expand and contract, ready to play with brothers and sisters! At this stage, cat owners should gradually socialize the cat - 1. Play with it more, let it adapt to humans; 2. Arrange cat toys, let it adapt to tools; 3. Let it be in a larger space Activities, free exploration; 4. Let it experience as many things as possible.

So far, the kitten does not excrete on its own, and needs the mother cat to lick the urethra and anus of the baby cat to stimulate and assist, so the kitten must stay by the mother‘s side during this period.
If the situation is special and the mother cat is not present, the cat owner should use cotton swabs or wet wipes to stimulate assistance.
When the mother cat is not here, remember to feed the milk powder specially designed for small milk cats~

(cat) 4 weeks - 1 year (infant)

It can regulate its own body temperature and adapt to changes in temperature.

It‘s time to start weaning the cat. Don‘t be simple and rude, and give the cat a process of adaptation. Goat milk powder can be mixed with kitten food as a transition during weaning.

(cat) 6 weeks - 2 years (infant)

Once the baby teeth are in place, the baby can be completely weaned.
When feeding cat food after weaning, choose kitten food. Cats do not like to drink water, so pay attention to water intake at this stage.

(cat) 2 months - 3 years (baby)

You can start training your cat to eat and go to the toilet on time. The owner should also develop a good habit of feeding food regularly and quantitatively.
Remember to play cats more, to cultivate good psychological quality, social skills and survival skills for cats. Cats are good people.

Kitten period (3 months to 1 and a half years old)
(Cat) 3 months - 5 years (toddler)

The weight is basically more than 1 kg, and the cat has to get the first shot of the vaccine.

(Cat) 4 months - 6 and a half years old (toddler)

A second shot should be given. However, this time is calculated based on the time of the first injection. The pet medical manual given by the veterinary hospital will state the time of the second injection, just follow the doctor‘s order.

At this time, the permanent teeth began to grow, and the weight went straight to 2 kg. White and fat, healthy growth.

(Cat) 5 months - 8 years (juvenile)

Begin to change teeth, replace baby teeth with permanent teeth.
At this stage, the cat is very curious, mischievous and mischievous~

(Cat) 6 months - 10 years old (Juvenile) Finally, the tooth replacement is completed, the permanent teeth are all in place, and it is no longer a child of six or seven years old!
According to the rules of the cat family, it will not be long before they will enter the estrus period. Parents who plan to breed can start preparing for the "marriage event" of their children; parents who don‘t plan to breed should also seriously consider sterilization. After all, the effect of sterilization before estrus.

(cat) 7 months - 11 years old (juvenile)

The estrus period of male cats will be later than that of female cats, and male cats will make marks everywhere because of estrus at this stage.

(Cat) 1 year old - 16 year old (teen) Teenager‘s rebellious period, we all go through it. Cats are not at all resigned to being behind. Trick or treat, demolish homes, dig flowers, and show joy, they are omnipotent. As parents, we must be more tolerant and patient in teaching. Do not corporal punishment of children, it will cause rebellious psychology.
In terms of diet, it is time to start feeding your children adult cat food. Attention should be paid to changing grains: you cannot dump the young grains and directly replace them with grains. Instead, you should use 7 to 10 days to gradually increase the proportion of the grains in proportion. (When changing different brands of cat food, you should also refer to this method to change the food, so as to avoid the cat‘s gastrointestinal discomfort caused by changing the food.)

(Cat) 1 year 3 months - 18 years old (teenager)

If your cat‘s first vaccination is on schedule, then the second year‘s vaccinations should start now.
After that, you do not need to be vaccinated every year, and the time to continue vaccinating is determined according to the vaccine antibodies in the cat‘s body.
Note: Too much vaccination is harmful to cats. Many cats, especially domestic cats, do not need to be vaccinated every year.

Adult cat period (1 and a half to 7 years old) (cat) 2 years old - 24 years old (youth) already has stable living habits and social skills, and can start to enter the society

(Cat) 3 years old - 28 years old (Youth) should focus on superb hunting skills, skilled modus operandi. Cats of this age should not be found when they dig flowers!

(Cat) 4 years old - 32 years old (young adult) Standing in his thirties, he should be a mature cat with a calm charm. Without the naughty and rashness of the past, even if he occasionally did bad things, it was to show his strength.

(Cat) 5 years old - 36 years old (young adults) The words and deeds of the cat owner are all clear. very smart.

(Cat) 6 years old - 40 years old (young and middle-aged) Curious is not so strong, I have eaten everything that should be eaten, and I have never seen the scenery that I should see. However, the tacit understanding with the master is indeed becoming more and more self-evident.

(Cat) 7 years old - 44 years old (middle age) is prone to illness and needs the attention of the cat owner.

old cat period
(Above 7 years old) (Cat) 8 years old - 48 years old (middle-aged and elderly) can switch to senior cat food.
(Cat) 9 years old - 52 years old (middle-aged and elderly) is old, and his teeth and stomach are not as good as before. Cat owners need to carefully observe the cat‘s eating preferences for easy adjustment.
(Cat) 10 years old - 56 years old (middle-aged and elderly) cats‘ grooming skills have regressed and need the assistance of the cat owner. At this age, there are very few fights, let alone "getting together to fight cats". No matter how noisy the young cubs are, they are less involved~

(Cat) 11 years old - 60 years old (older) sixty sixties. The body function began to degenerate, and there was not much running and jumping. After all, the legs and feet were not flexible. The hair is gradually rough and not as smooth as it used to be.
(Cat) 12 years old - 64 years old (older) eyes begin to become cloudy, gradually blurring when seeing things and listening to sounds. Back pain, leg cramps, lack of energy to walk, and strenuous effort to go to the fifth floor.
(Cat) 13 years old - 68 years old (senior) nutritional supplements should be supplemented or supplemented. It‘s just that the pet nutrition industry is mixed, so be careful to avoid pits. If you are willing to study the knowledge related to cat nutrition, you can also mix it with cat food for cats and children.

(Cat) 14 years old - 72 years old (old age) Seventy years old. All bodily functions are gradually weakened, and organs gradually degenerate. Heart disease and diabetes are frequent, and male cats are prone to problems with the urinary system. (Cat) 15 - 76 (Older) Having been with each other for so many years, they already know cat owners like the back of their hand. Some things don‘t need to be said, it understands~
(Cat) 16 years old - 80 years old (old age) 80 years old. You and I are destined to come to this day, recalling the past, not asking for the next life, but asking for no regrets.

(cat) 21 years old - 100 years old (old age)

The year of the centenary.

No extravagance, everything is fate.

After that, it is roughly 1 year old for cats and 4 years old for humans. At this point, it is the cat‘s life cycle of growth. It took a cat one year to complete the entire youth of human beings, so every day of it is precious. 21 is certainly not the upper limit for a cat‘s age. A cat that used to be 15 years old was considered a longevity, but now, more and more cats are living to 20 years old. The oldest cat in the Guinness World Records even lived to be 38 years old (equivalent to more than 160 human years).

​So you see, our relationship with cats, whether shallow or deep, has been continuing and extending. Everyone who sees this place wishes our cat to be healthy, happy, safe and live a long life.

Hope this article can really help you.

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