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July 20, 2022

First time for pets



  1. Pet diet: No matter what pet you have, you must first understand the pets eating habits, as well as what can and cannot be eaten.

You cannot follow your own temperament, just feed it and raise it at will, so the pet is likely to be spoiled by you.

Therefore, we must first understand the living habits of pets, and according to the scientific method, through more understanding and more learning. Many pets are affected by the environment, and also pay attention to the feeding time and whether the food is balanced.

You can give pets some safe and secure food by learning and consulting pet stores and professionals for dietary guidance. In addition, pets should not be fed too much, otherwise pets will easily gain weight and affect their health.

Therefore, it is necessary to give pets a reasonable diet and regular ration, so as to facilitate the healthy growth of pets, which can also make our mood happy.


  1. Pet care: Speaking of pet care, of course, it is necessary to give pets a safe and comfortable sleeping environment to avoid being affected by the environment, which in turn affects sleep and health. Trim your pets hair and nails regularly, bathe your pet regularly, and take your pet for a walk.

To do a good job of pet hygiene, so you must be diligent, do not be afraid of getting dirty. In this way, pets will grow up healthily, and will not breed bacteria and skin diseases, etc.


  1. Pet Vaccines: Pets need to be vaccinated to keep pets healthy, and to prevent pets from harming pedestrians.

Therefore, pets should be vaccinated and checked regularly, so as to be more conducive to the healthy growth of pets. In addition, in summer, pets are prone to lice, so it is necessary to spray some deworming liquid on pets frequently to protect the health of pets.

Finally, you can also have some pet medicine boxes at home, which can be handled in time.


  1. Pet health: When we raise pets, we need to pay careful attention to the dynamics of pets, which is very important to their health.

For example: by observing the pets diet, excretion (frequency and foreign objects), daily activities, pet coat color and pet body temperature, etc., to ensure whether the animal is sick, if you cannot judge whether it is really sick, the best way is to timely Take it to the veterinarian for examination.

If the pet is really sick, you should spend more time with him. The owners care is definitely a booster for the sick pet to fight the disease.


  1. Pet training: In addition to taking care of pets, we also need to properly train pets, which can bring us unnecessary trouble.

For example, pets are generally naughty. When they are free, it is easy to make trouble at home, biting or pulling Baba, or eating other things indiscriminately.

Therefore, we must give the correct training, let it go to the designated position to pull the cake, and cannot bite things and make trouble. And if you want your pet to have specific skills, you can train it to hold things, roll, or play with a ball, etc.

Depending on your training situation, good training can not only reduce our tasks, but also give us a sense of appointment.

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