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April 20, 2022

Little things about dogs



    1. When the dog excretes, it will adjust its body to be consistent with the earth’s magnetic field (north-south direction)? Shit shoveling officers must have found that dogs always like to spin around when they excrete. Under the condition that the geomagnetic field is stable and there is no other environmental interference, the dog’s body tends to be distributed in the north-south direction when excreting. The geomagnetic instability is irregular. After the convenience, some dogs will keep chopping the ground, which is actually using the scent glands on the dog’s paws to occupy the land.
    2. It’s a dog fast, four times as fast. So it’s best not to challenge the dog. If it really intends to bite you, it will definitely be able to bite! Dogs usually have pre-expressions before biting, such as baring their teeth, pricked hair, and their ears are slightly more pointed than usual. Front and tail up, or ears down and tail tucked, etc.
    3. Why do dogs often smell each other’s butts?

    Dogs can identify each other’s age, gender, personality, mood, physical condition and other information through the smell of anal glands, which is very important for dogs’ social interaction, just like greetings between people.

    1. Why do dogs always gobble up? This is the nature of dogs. The ancestors of dogs are wolves. When they hunt in the wild, if they don’t eat quickly, they may be snatched away. However, eating too fast is actually not good for the dog’s digestive system. It is recommended to change this habit.
    2. Heard that petting your dog can lower blood pressure? This may feel a little incredible, Yuan Yuan feels that this is some psychological effect, and the dog will bring a sense of healing to the owner
    3. When does the dog’s socialization period begin?

    The social period of a dog can only begin after the sensory functions, such as vision, hearing, balance, touch, taste and smell, are fully developed. Social times are somewhat different.

    1. Why do dogs chase their tails? When the dog starts chasing its tail, it means that it is really boring, and if it is used to it, it may cause some negative problems. At this time, you should play with it more, or take the dog out for a walk. In another case, if the dog’s tail has a foreign body, itching, or injury, it will also cause tail-chasing. There is also the phenomenon of rear-end collision when the anal glands are blocked.
    2. How do dogs sweat when they are hot? Dogs actually have sweat glands distributed throughout the body, but unlike human sweat glands, which have the effect of dissipating heat, secretions will produce a smell through the decomposition of the skin surface, which is what we call the smell of dogs; dogs have glands that secrete water on the soles of their feet. If the temperature of the environment is high, the soles of the feet will secrete some water, and the dog will leave some wet footprints; breathing with open mouth is the main way to dissipate heat. On the whole body hair, heat is dissipated by evaporation.
    3. Do dogs fart too? Yes, yes, dogs are just like humans. If they eat sweet potatoes and beans, they will fart. In addition, after the dog eats, the stomach and intestines begin to move regularly, that is, to digest the food and remove the excess gas. Excreted from the body, these excess gas may be accidentally swallowed when eating, or it may occur when the normal bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract decompose the food; if the dog stinks and is accompanied by soft stools, it is recommended to seek medical attention. of.


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