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Docile buddy cat



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Length:38cm     14.96inch


Width:36cm       14.17inch


Height: 32cm       12.60inch


Weight: 440g


Color: Brown, grey


Material: Felt Cloth 

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High appearance,high strength, feel warmth of the home

Comfortable and breathable

Not stuffy for the semi-closed opening

Feel like lying in mother’s arms

Give cats a sense of security

Plump cotton stuffing, soft like clouds

Easy cleaning, cats can always sleep on clean mats

Waterproof and non-slip,full of security 


A Modern Destination For
The Modern Pet Lover

We think everyone deserves to have their pet products match their personal style. And lifestyle. And we think finding your pet items should be easy… and even fun.

L. L. S

It‘s comfortable to touch and the color is nice, it‘s perfect for my cat to sleep on and she can play by herself in it.


our kitties love this and compete for this :-) so I had to buy 2 more :-)
update- the second order came with one of the legs detached. My husband was able to use a hot glue gun and fix it without much trouble. My kitties love these beds, specially in these hot summer months. Highly kitty-recommended!

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