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Docile buddy cat


Automatic Pet Feeder

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Length: 37.0 cm       14.57inch


Width: 33.0 cm         12.99inch


Material: PP


Capacity: 240ml


Color: white and black 

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No worry about nutritional imbalance

Turntable open lid to prevent pets from stealing food

Detachable design, easy cleaning

Insert the battery, ready to use 


A Modern Destination For
The Modern Pet Lover

We think everyone deserves to have their pet products match their personal style. And lifestyle. And we think finding your pet items should be easy… and even fun.


We have a bad kitty who decides to be really bad when hungry. He likes to wake everyone up at about 3:30am because his tummy is rumbling. We set the timer so that it goes off once around 3 AM and again around 5 AM with just a tiny bit of food in each side. He’s learned the sound of it popping open, and runs out to the ball as fast as he can to get a snack. Now were sleeping better, and he’s happier. It’s a win for everyone. The timers have never failed us yet and he hasn’t been able to pop it open on his own despite having the dexterity to open doors and cabinets. Great product!


This thing is amazing. It’s the reason my cat is no longer waking me up between 4 and 5 every morning. He no longer associates me with being fed breakfast and is perched on the counter staring longingly down at this feeder every morning when I get up. I still do his dinner the old fashioned way, but I set this bad boy up at night (while he has his face full of dinner and will let me do it in peace) every other day to open for 7am and take care of breakfast for me.
He can be pretty crafty as far as getting into food, but it’s been months and he hasn’t figured out how to break into this.

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