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Docile buddy cat


Double Diner Feeder

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Length: 34.0 cm       13.39inch


Width: 16.5 cm         6.50inch


Material: stainless steel


Capacity: 350ml*2


Color: metallic silver and black 

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Reduce bacteria and dust of food, focus on dog’s health

Easy to store and space saving

High quality stainless steel

Easy to clean and save energy 


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I have 3 cats. My senior cat has bad teeth and only eats wet food. The other two eat both wet and dry. I usually get a pet sitter to come and feed them for $20 a day but I tried this over the Thanksgiving holiday. We were gone for two full days and they are used to being fed in the early morning. I froze both gel packs and refrigerated a wet food can for the first day and timed it to open at 6am the following day. I opened a can bbn of wet food and dumped it into the second day tray that I lined with aluminum foil and froze it. Before I left, I removed the aluminum foil and placed back in the tray on the frozen gel pack and set time for the morning of the second day. We arrived home late the second day and both trays had opened and licked clean. I recommend testing it out before you actually use to make sure it works appropriately. There is no OFF/ON button so I removed the AA battery from each side and stored them in the trays for next time. This paid for itself on the first try for a short trip.

Leah H

My dog thought this was some kind of food dispensing toy at first, so she tried to paw at it to get the food out. She learned quickly that it wouldn‘t work. The dispenser is silent when it opens, so I added a bell that rings when it opens, so my dog knows when it‘s snack time. This will not fit a whole 1.5-cup meal for my dog, a great dane mix, but it holds enough for a snack (about a cup).

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