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January 15, 2022

I hope to read this article before getting a pet



In recent years, the domestic sales of the pet industry have skyrocketed, and the national pet base has skyrocketed, and then there is a group of very "unique" people. Their "investment" in pets is far greater than the norm. Some spend tens of thousands of dollars every month to buy clothes for pets, take pets to bed, eat together, etc., and others spend a lot of money on pets, and then throw away pets when they encounter difficulties, resulting in a group of homeless strays. dog and cat. 


There are also people who abuse pets at will because of imperfect pet laws. According to statistics, from 2005 to 2020, the pet abandonment rate increased at an annual rate of 2.3%. Don‘t underestimate this rate, because the number of people buying pets at the same time has multiplied. This phenomenon is still increasing. Some people ask why do you need pets? If I had to say it, it may be that they need a companion, but now more people buy pets just for impulse purchases, and they buy them when they think they are cute. Some regret it after buying it, but after all, they bought it themselves and are responsible, so they grit their teeth and cultivate their feelings slowly. Or send it to a trusted friend to feed. This is called responsibility for pets. After some purchases, they start to be very happy and buy this and that for pets. 


As a result, when they get tired of it for a long time or encounter difficulties, they just abandon their pets and ignore them. This is called betrayal to pets. Churchill said that the price of nobility and greatness is responsibility. Who needs pets? People who need to cultivate love most need pets. There is a saying that people who lack love are always precocious and lonely at the same time. They are lonely because of lack of love. They cannot trust others because of their lack of love. They are unable to love others because of their lack of love. Such people need pets who unconditionally believe in so that they can cultivate their love and not be alone.


We need to understand why pets are called pets? Why are animals called animals? Because they have no human rights, they need our protection. Because they cannot think like people. Because they do not communicate, they need us to understand. Therefore, to understand the definition of pets, it is my responsibility to live with pets in the human world. 


Finally, we also need to know that pets have feelings. I remember watching a dog‘s mission before, and there was a comment that deeply affected me. The above said: A dog‘s life can have several reincarnations, and his soul reincarnation will not end until he returns to his first owner. This is probably something most dogs can‘t do. But there was a dog who did it, named Bailey. Bailey, although it is a dog and a pet, its emotions are no less than that of people, or better than people. Therefore, when dealing with pets, you cannot simply treat it as an animal, but to face a deeply emotional object. You understand this better, and your attitude towards them determines your attitude towards life. Finally, I hope that the owners of pets can learn more about their little cuties through this article. I hope that people, who is ready to raise pets, can make better mental preparations through this article.

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